DECAMP BACKPACK Pickup Truck Camper

Easily Transform Your Pickup for Freestyle Camping

DECAMP specializes in off-road caravans and pickup truck camper for your travel and camping adventures. Perfect for a wilderness expedition or a desire to explore, DECAMP products offer high quality at a fair price.

With years of experience, DECAMP has developed its first pickup truck camper, the DECAMP BACKPACK. It stands out from the competition due to its durability, lightweight design, and optimized layout.

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Reasons to Choose a Pickup Truck Camper for Your Journey

Easy Setup

The DECAMP BACKPACK pickup truck camper is designed for easy and quick installation: simply attach it to the bed of your pickup. It’s removable, so you can install it when you want to go camping or traveling and remove it when you return home.

All Necessary Comfort in Optimized Dimensions

In addition to being removable and easy to set up, our truck camper is designed to take up  minimal space. With its ultra-compact dimensions, optimized interior layout, and lightweight  construction, you have all the necessary comforts without sacrificing space. It’s ideal for reaching  normally hard-to-access places with a van, caravan, or motorhome. 

Thanks to its elevated design, the truck camper’s height and width are minimized to fit perfectly  within the bed of your pickup. Furthermore, its roof is pop-up, providing you with extra space  when inside the cabin. 

With the removable DECAMP BACKPACK cabin, you have all the necessary amenities for comfortable camping in a compact and optimized space.

Lightweight for Challenging Roads

Combined with its ultra-compact dimensions, the fully aluminum structure of the cabin ensures an  extremely lightweight design, weighing only 250 kg. 

This low weight makes it easy to install the truck camper in the bed of your pickup truck  regardless of the model. Additionally, the weight of the removable cabin is evenly distributed in  your pickup truck’s bed, ensuring smooth and risk-free driving on all roads, no matter how  complex the terrain.

Go Camping or Travel at an Unbeatable Price

Save Money with DECAMP! 

Nomadic accommodations often come with high price tags. In the market, a removable truck  camper can cost between €20,000 and €35,000, which is a significant investment

Fortunately, with DECAMP, you can make substantial savings on these prices. For less than €15,000 including taxes, DECAMP offers its ultra-compact removable truck camper, complete  with a kit of equipment and accessories
Currently, DECAMP truck campers are the most affordable on the market, all without sacrificing  quality, thanks to the ultra-light and ultra-resistant aluminum structure.

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Exceptionally lightweight truck camper with outstanding quality

Despite their unbeatable prices, DECAMP truck campers are manufactured with meticulously selected materials known for their ultra-resistant properties

Thanks to their aluminum structure and steel cladding, a removable cabin provides greater resistance to impacts and harsh weather conditions compared to a rooftop tent. Moreover, our cabins are coated with electrostatic paint to enhance corrosion protection

To improve stability, the cabins come with sturdy stabilizing legs located at the front and rear of  the structure. This makes installation and removal of the truck camper on your pickup easier. 

If you plan to travel and set up your camp in cold areas, the thermal insulation of your ultra compact cabin will keep you warm. With XPS insulation (extruded polystyrene) and fire-resistant coating, you have an exceptionally well-insulated cabin. Additionally, it is highly resistant to water  and moisture

With DECAMP, you can enjoy an affordably priced, ultra-resistant cabin specifically designed for travel and camping in extreme environments.

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The Key Advantages of traveling with a pickup truck camper

Suitable for Family or Friends Travel

Each removable DECAMP truck camper can accommodate up to 3 people, making it ideal for solo or group camping.

Despite the ultra-compact dimensions of the cabin, the interior space is fully optimized, taking advantage of the height to provide you with all the room and comfort you need for a good night’s sleep.
With a DECAMP truck camper, you enjoy the same benefits as a caravan, motorhome, or van in ultra-compact and less cumbersome dimensions, as well as with a lighter weight. Perfect for off road expeditions and easier camping.

Set Up Your Camp Anywhere with Ultra-Compact Dimensions

Are you exploring the roads in search of the perfect place to sleep? Thanks to a removable truck  camper, you can set up your camp wherever you like with complete freedom. 

DECAMP truck campers allow you to easily navigate challenging terrain that would be  inaccessible with a caravan, van, or motorhome.

The Decamp Backpack truck camper is compatible with any pickup truck model

To be fixed in the bed of your pickup truck, DECAMP removable truck campers are compatible with all vehicle models on the market. With stabilizing legs provided in the equipment and accessory kit, you can position the cabin to fit your vehicle perfectly, down to the centimeter. 

Moreover, you can disassemble it when you no longer need it or install it on another vehicle model. With DECAMP, you have the assurance of a long-lasting product at an affordable price.


Technical specifications and equipment of the DECAMP BACKPACK pickup truck camper

  • Fully aluminum structure and cladding
  • Sturdy stabilizing legs at the front and rear
  • Electrostatic paint (corrosion protection)
  • 40mm interior lining with XPS insulation and fireproof insulation (for optimal thermal insulation)
  • Interior wall cladding in artificial leather
  • Comprehensive control panel with switches and meters
  • Various 12-volt connections and USB inputs
  • External CEE connection, 220-volt outlets inside
  • Interior-exterior lighting
  • 35L water tank
  • 12-volt water pump (5 L/min)
  • Water tank gauge
  • 4 windows
  • Mosquito nets and blinds on the windows
  • Retractable roof with high-quality canvas and ventilation options (three large openings)
  • Lockable locks, automotive rubber seals
  • Foldable bed measuring 2.05 x 1.50 m
  • 8 cm thick 32 DNS foam foldable mattress
  • Kitchen: 1 PVC sink with mixer tap / 2 m long shower
  • Storage spaces: interior and exterior storage compartments
  • Solar Panels and Battery Pack 
  • Diesel heating system

Frequently asked questions about our ultra-compact pickup truck camper – Decamp Backpack

The right to camp in a specific location may be subject to legal restrictions.

Therefore, before setting up your camp, you must ensure that you have permission to camp in the location where you are situated.

The weight of our removable truck camper is 250 kg, making them one of the lightest units available.

This weight is evenly distributed across the length and width of the cabin. Therefore, there is no risk that the weight of our aluminum cabins will be too heavy for your vehicle.

Our aluminum cabins are designed to be attached to the back of your pickup truck. Therefore, it is not possible to attach them to other types of vehicles.

Among the most commonly used vehicles by our customers, you can find the following models:

  • Nissan Navara
  • Nissan Titan et Nissan Titan XD
  • Fiat Fullback
  • Nissan Patrol
  • Toyota Tundra (Toyota Tundra SR, Toyota Tundra SR5, Toyota Tundra TDR)
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Isuzu D-Max
  • Renault Alaskan
  • Toyota Hilux

More spacious than a rooftop tent, our models’ dimensions remain ultra-compact to ensure minimal space occupancy. Moreover, thanks to their aluminum structure, they weigh only 250 kg, making them ideal for camping in hard-to-reach areas. The dimensions are as follows:

Interior dimensions: 2.57m x 1.55m x 1.30m (2.46m with the pop-up roof in the raised position). Exterior dimensions: 2.73m x 1.75m x 1.39m with the pop-up roof in the closed position.

No heating system is included in the provided equipment and accessory kit. However, we offer an optional diesel heating system, which is ideal for expeditions or camping in cold areas. You can specify that you’d like to add the heating system when requesting a quote.

The layout of an ultra-compact truck camper is optimized to take up minimal space and provide easy camping. The layout includes all the equipment and accessories needed to meet your desires:

  • A pop-up bed located in the roof (capucine bed)
  • A foldable mattress for the bed located in the roof, ideal for placing your sleeping bag (sleeping bag not included)
  • A kitchen
  • Numerous storage spaces

You can find all the details regarding the list of accessories and equipment included in the kit in the dedicated category on this page.

No. The provided equipment and accessory kit does not include a sleeping bag. You can find all the details of the equipment and accessories included in the dedicated category on this page.

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