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Decamp Caravan will accompany you on all your camping adventures and offers off-road  caravans to suit all your needs. 

Whether you want to go on a trip to explore the world in its most remote areas, whether  you want to set up an improvised bivouac in the middle of nature, or whether you want to  camp on the beach or in the mountains, our DECAMP CARAVAN off-road caravans will  be your best caravanning allies. Adventure is yours! 

Our off-road caravan models 

Discover our off-road caravan models and go camping wherever you want! All our  caravan models are designed for 3 to 5 people. You can travel with your family or  friends and enjoy the nature freely. 

Off-road caravans designed for adventure and adapted to all terrains


DECAMP CARAVAN off-road caravans are designed to withstand the most difficult  conditions and terrain and are characterised by their great robustness and durability.  

The chassis and cabin of our off-road caravans are designed to keep their shape, even  when driving over difficult roads and tracks.  

Your caravan will absorb the miles of adventure without wrinkling. It is protected from  corrosion by electrostatic paint and is built entirely from high-quality, durable materials.  


Adapted to the most difficult terrain, our off-road caravans are perfect for  crossing and racing in the caravanning version. 

Desert, beach, mountain, stones, river crossing, nothing scares these off- road racing  queens. You can drive peacefully and safely without worrying about your 4×4 caravan trailer

Our models have been designed in the workshop and are thought to cross all obstacles  in complete safety. 

They have a streamlined, light and robust galvanised steel frame, independent  suspension and high ground clearance

Each wheel is equipped with 4×4 tyres, and has an inertia brake with AL-KO  stabilisation. Our 4×4 caravans are unstoppable! 


Forget the basic comfort of a tent and imagine yourself camping in a house instead. Our  off-road caravans offer you all the comfort of a real house, and let you fully enjoy the  proximity of nature.  

In each caravan, you will find all the comfort you need to enjoy your bivouac: a large bed,  a kitchen, a bathroom, storage space, a water tank, a water pump, an external water  outlet and an awning.

Nothing is left to chance for your comfort. Being an adventurer doesn’t mean you have to  live without a comfortable living space. The off-road caravan is an excellent compromise  to combine adventure, comfort and nature


Each space inside the caravan is optimised to take up a minimum of space and to  guarantee you maximum comfort and equipment.

Every material chosen is a quality material, solid and light. Thanks to your 4×4 trailer, you will be able to travel in freedom and comfort at the same  time.

The off-road caravan is a versatile 4×4 trailer vehicle, adapted to all off- road trips.

All the Comfort of a Caravan in a Minimalist Space

If you want to go camping or travel with minimal space requirements, our new DECAMP BACKPACK pick-up truck camper is perfect for you. It attaches to your pick-up’s bed and offers all the necessary comfort for your outdoor getaways.

Go on an adventure with our off- road caravans 

Here are some ideas for trips that you can organise in complete freedom with our 4×4 off road caravans. 



Frequently asked questions about our off- road caravans

We deliver our off-road caravans all over Europe. Whether you are in France, Switzerland,  Spain, Portugal, England or another country, we can deliver the caravan model you have  chosen on a turnkey basis.

When you have chosen the models and equipment options on your 4×4 caravan, we  customise your vehicle and deliver it. Delivery is very fast. You receive your caravan trailer  within a few weeks anywhere in Europe. 

Sure, you can. You can customise both the interior spaces and the exterior equipment,  such as the roof. 

You can add extra sleeping accommodation, a solar panel, a fridge, an awning, a roof tent,  a heater, a socket, LED lighting or a spare wheel, for example.

Each caravan can accommodate 3, 4 or 5 people. Each caravan model has a large  sleeping area.

Depending on the caravan model you choose, you have the option of adding one or more  extra beds, creating up to 5 places (tent on the roof or extra bed inside the cabin).

Depending on the caravan model, the kitchen is either located in the cabin or in the outer  boot at the rear of the trailer.

The kitchen has all the necessary equipment to prepare good meals for all adventurers.  The kitchen is powered by gas. 

Depending on the model you have chosen and the customisation options you have  selected, we will send you a proposal with a quote.

As the official supplier of the DECAMP CARAVAN brand in Europe, we do not work with  any intermediaries and guarantee you the best price on the market.

Contact us to find out more and buy your off-road caravan at the best price!

Yes, it is. Thanks to our versatile C3 model, you can use your caravan as a quad trailer, motorbike trailer or bike trailer.

So you can kill two birds with one stone when you go camping, and you can also enjoy quad, bike or motocross trips. When you’re not sleeping in it, your quad or motorbike can be stored in it!

Our off-road caravan models are extremely light. Depending on the model, their weight  varies from 750 kg to 1200 kg.

It all depends on the adventure you want to lead. You can tow our ultra light caravan  models with conventional vehicles if the terrain is not difficult.

If you want to go on an adventure on uneven, muddy or loose terrain, we recommend  towing your off-road caravan with a 4×4 or a large SUV. 

You must ensure that your vehicle registration document states the approved towable  weight and that the weight of the caravan is consistent with this information (unladen  weight box G1, gross vehicle weight rating box F2, gross combination weight box F3).

The gross combination weight indicates the maximum weight limit that the towing vehicle  and its trailer must not exceed when loaded. For more information, you can of course  contact us.

The teardrop caravan and the caretta caravan are tiny caravans with the shape of a  teardrop or water drop.

This type of caravan is quite small and is not always adapted to difficult terrain when it  comes to strength and equipment. The shape and size of a teardrop caravan is similar to  the off-road caravan, but not the use and equipment.

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